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Newsletter 2023-2024

BACK TO SCHOOL 2023-2024

An investment in KNOWLEDGE
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Bhavans Pearl Wisdom School accepted with open arms the little pearls back to school on 13th April 2023 with splashy events. The teachers and the other staff put in a lot of efforts to make the day a grand success. The teachers and staff worked tirelessly to decorate the school premises with colourful banners and created a welcoming atmosphere for the kids. The students were ecstatic to see their beloved superheroes, who came to greet them and make them feel at ease. Each class teacher distributed welcome cards to their students, and various entertaining programs were held throughout the day to help the new students feel at home.

Pioneering Education with Passion and Purpose at Bhavans Pearl Wisdom School

The Puraskar Divas 2023 took place on June 20, 2023, showcasing excellence and perseverance. The occasion was graced by Our Principal Dr.K.T. Nandakumar, Principal of Al Saad Indian school, Dr. Bhavana Gupta, and our Admin Manager, Mr. Rakesh Krishna . The program was enlightened by our P.R.O Mr. Sadique. Participants demonstrated outstanding performances, showcasing remarkable talent and unwavering dedication. The event unfolded with awe-inspiring performances, showcasing the exceptional talent and relentless dedication of each participant.

Founder’s day 2023 celebrated at Bhavans Pearl Wisdom School

On September 2, 2023, Al Saad Indian School and Bhavans Pearl Wisdom School celebrat-ed the “Amrithanjali” Founder’s Day at Al Saad Auditorium, coinciding with Chairman Mr. Ramachandran Menon’s birthday. The event highlighted unity, talent, and community spir-it between the schools. The day commenced with a grand thalapoli, showcasing traditional splendour. Students and teachers exhibited their talents throughout the day with various performances, leaving a lasting impression. Director Divya Rajesh Ramachandran paid a touching tribute to her father, Mr. Ramachandran. The celebration peaked with a captivating, unified dance performance. The ceremonial cake cutting by Mr. Ramachandran symbolized togetherness. A delightful dinner party concluded the day, reinforcing the bonds of friendship. The event was a success, epitomizing unity and celebration, leaving a joyful and cherished memory. Gratitude was extended to Mr. Ramachandran and all contributors for their efforts in making the day special.

Bhavans Pearl Wisdom School conducted a professional development session on September 3

Dr. KT Nandakumar, with a primary focus on “Learning Objectives.” Dr. Nandakumar highlighted the crucial role of learning objectives as a guiding force for both teachers and students in the teaching and learning process. The SMART criteria (Specif- ic, Measurable, Attainable, Result-oriented, and Time-bound) were introduced to ensure well-structured and achievable objec- tives, while a hands-on activity engaged each department in creating specific learning objectives related to their subjects, leaving the teaching staff equipped with practical tools to enhance their teaching methodologies and emphasizing the importance of defining effective learning processes.
This session, designed to deepen understanding and improve teaching approaches, underscored the significance of learning
objectives as a roadmap for education at Bhavans Pearl Wisdom School. Dr. Nandakumar’s insights left a lasting impact, fos- tering a commitment to elevating the overall quality of education within the institution.

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