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Our experience in Bhavan’s Pearl Wisdom school has been excellent. The staff and overall environment is welcoming. The staff genuinely care about their students and strive for excellence. Not only have my daughter received the love and care they needed outside the home environment, but programs and activities.

The atmosphere within the grounds carries the joy of learning, the thrill of discovery, and the fun of fellow classmates. I highly recommend this school.

Renju Kiran


We sincerely thankyou and acknowledge with a deep sense  of appreciation your concern and dedication in providing a quality education and atmosphere for all children’s. Our daughter has had fantastic school experience which she has enjoyed all the time from past 6 months. We would like to thank her teachers and principal for ensuring that her progress and happiness have been Central to education and for getting best out of her and making her responsible and self confident.

We wish luck for the future of the school(Bhavans Pearl Wisdom School) and would highly recommend it to other parents.

– Vidya Thakur and Ramesh Thakur

In reference to last week Annual Day, we would like to Thank you and  entire Bhavans Pearl Team It was fantastic and no words to say within limited time frame you made its memorable.
The programs are very well conducted . Atmosphere, venue and coordination all are very well to keep the professional touch:). Even the kids performance are superb and still they are practicing and  performing  on daily in homes 🙂
A Special thanks to Principal Mr. Nandakumar Sir to give the direction and advice , all admin teams etc…
Once again Thank you very much and we wishes all very best for future journey…




I would like to thank the entire school authority especially the principal and the teachers, who made our children brilliant and talented.

Your strong support and motivation changed our children’s character positively. My children are very interested and love to go to school every day. Teachers use creative ideas and thoughts and it helped our children’s mental growth.

All teachers are teaching very nicely, and they are including all children in all the programs. It helped our children to develop their self-confidence.

Once again thank you so much to all teachers, principal. Keep up your hard work in making our children’s way better.

Shalet Sabariyar

We would like to express our happiness towards all the staff at the school, we would recommend BPWS and so pleased with how our child has progressed.

Teachers are so passionate about teaching young children.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the teachers for preparing our child for a lifetime of success. We are grateful towards our child’s Teacher since the teacher has patience, enthusiasm, and passion. As a parent, it is delightful for us for effective communication, a truly amazing teacher. We appreciate teachers hard work and deeply grateful to have teachers like them contributing to our child’s growth and emotional well-being.

Thank you once again to all the family members of BPWS and expecting the same in the coming years. 

Ringu Varghese Thomas 


Our child’s teacher is a very dedicated teacher and is doing her level best in teaching the students. We are satisfied with the online classes. 

 With thanks and regards,

Sajna M. 


 I would like to thank you for all your efforts in engaging the kids even on the online platform. We do understand it isn’t easy for you, and for the teachers as well who are teaching our kids with a smile and equal determination. Our child is enjoying and learning, and looks forward to participating in the class every day.

I would like to thanks our teachers for their continuous efforts and dedication in the ‘New Normal’ concept of conducting classes.

Their expertise in teaching has put our minds at ease. We are so grateful to have them as our child’s teachers. I found them completely engrossed. The energy levels and contact with kids is amazing and speaks a lot of the efforts that they are putting in to ensure kids get a great foundation in these initial years of education.

We look forward to a great school year.

Regards and warm wishes

Mohammad Minhaz Alam


We, as the parent of BPWS, are satisfied with the online classes and the efforts put up by the teachers. We appreciate our child’s teacher’s proactiveness and dedication towards teaching. During this situation of pandemic it was a good initiative taken by the school to start the virtual schooling. Now kids are able to read and write CVC words and can read short sentences also. Good effort and organized LMS by the teachers.

 Hoping the covid situation resolves sooner and our kids join the school as early as possible.

Thank you 

Dr. Anu Bangalore


My name is Azhar, Parent of BPWS. Online classes are going well. Teachers’ expertise in teaching, Patience and commitment to support our child is appreciated. 

As you know yesterday there was an Open House meeting with the parents. Got their feedback about our child, really happy on that.

To maintain everyone’s attention is not easy especially in KG classes, really they are doing a great job.  

Hoping that the Classes will resume soon.

Thank you 

 Azhar Moideen


I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards my child’s class teacher for her hard work and dedication towards my child for a lifetime of success. She is the best early-childhood education teacher I’ve ever known. Under her guidance my kid is able to gain whatever is taught during the online class. She is an efficient, loving and caring teacher, being a parent I am satisfied with her teaching skills.

For the current covid19 pandemic situation, as a parent, I would like to inform you that please continue the online classes for this academic year.

Thanks for your patience and for the quality of care you provide each and every day.

Thank you,

Bidyut Prabha Sabat



It is our pleasure to have our kids enrolled in the Bhavan Pearls Wisdom

We are quite happy to see the performance of our child, who is in KG.
The teaching method utilized by the teachers are quite effective.

Thank you all for your kind support.

With Warm Regards,
Nirupama Sahu

Balakrushna Dash


Hope you are doing well.

I want to appreciate the teachers for taking all the efforts to reach out each and every child during the online classes. My daughter is able to grasp everything whatever is taught during the classes. My child’s class teacher is an efficient teacher and a very loving person that is what a child needs the most in their primary years of life. I am satisfied with her and her teaching skills.

We understand that this time is very challenging for parents, teachers and students as well. We want to ensure full cooperation with the teachers and school management.

Warm Regards,
Dr. Little Mahendra


I am extremely grateful to you and your management for the efforts for online classes. Implementing online class is not an easy task for KG children. But your team made it grand success. Especially the study materials prepared by the teachers are very much supportive for the children.

A special thanks to teachers. Their efforts are commendable. I can see lot of improvement in my child studies as well as co-curricular activities.

My Sincere thanks to all.



I am parent of ……, Thanks to all Bhavans Pearl Al Ain Teachers and staff for giving great support in curricular and extracurricular activities for our kids during this critical time. A very special thanks to my child’s class teacher for conducting classes in an outstanding strategy. Her Dedication and commitment we can feel in our children’s progress.

Thanks again, sir.

 Priya Varghese


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