Our Corporate policy is to do all our recruitment directly. ‎We do not engage any external agency to do any recruitment on our behalf or collect any remuneration from anyone for any recruitment. As a process, our HR Manager would contact the prospective candidate, followed by a call from the Chairman or the Director. If the candidate is provisionally selected, the Principal, Vice Principals or the subject heads would then speak to the candidate which will be followed by an email confirming or declining the candidate.

  • Candidates must have experience a minimum of 3 years.

  • Candidates must be qualified and trained in the concerned subject as per the CBSE/ADEK norms.


    Communication skill

    Organisation skill

    Competent in the concerned subject area


    Positive Attitude & Leadership

    Willingness to Learn More

    Expert in teaching methodology

    Consider Yourself Accountable

    Technical skills computer knowledge.

    Fascinated with modern trends

    Candidates who meet the above mentioned criteria may forward their CVs to:

    info@bhavanspearlalain.com | director@bhavanspearlalain.com  | hr@bhavanspearlalain.com | principal@bhavanspearlalain.com